Specialized Recruiting

Michael-Thomas Executive Search has carved a niche out for themselves working with emerging growth companies both within the public and private sector. Our added focus in several specialized search practices puts us in a category of that "go to" company for recruiting needs. Call us and ask about how we can help your firm find the essential team or individual to fill a key role. Contact us at 1.404.869.7753.

Private Equity Searches — Michael-Thomas Executive Search also specializes in working with private equity firms. Because of the unique situation of creation and deployment of management or executive teams, private equity concerns need a recruiting agency with the background and expertise in finding the best management or executive matches for newly acquired companies within their portfolios.

International Searches — Michael-Thomas Executive Search has the experience searching overseas for candidates as well as working with foreign companies based in the US looking to fill roles internationally. Because of the international profile posed by many of our current clients, Michael-Thomas has the means and resources for successful international engagements.

OEM — Expertise in recruiting of middle to senior level managers and executives in the Original Equipment Manufacturing industry sector, at national and international levels.

Banking & Financial Services — We are known as the "go to" firm with many of the Fortune 500 banking and brokerage firms throughout the US. Whether it's filling key management roles or partnering to build an advisory network coast to coast, our firm gets the job done.

Accounting & Finance — Specializing in the area of federal and state tax managers, directors and CFOs on the corporate financial or corporate treasury.

Legal — Our firm has been instrumental in recruiting top talent for in-house senior counsel, general counsel and chief counsel roles with many Fortune 500 firms.