Search Process

Our goal is to build a lasting relationship as a trusted advisor to our clients during all phases of a search. We focus and committed on striving to exceed our clients expectations by providing top top talent and a smooth and through process which includes five specific phases:

1. Establish Search Priorities

• Analyze the challenges unique to the organization and the role.

• Determine the skills, knowledge and abilities required, offering insight and fresh perspective on how clients can think about their needs; when appropriate, challenge client assumptions and present alternative ideas for how to create to conceive a role.

• Develop a customized position and candidate specification, detailing the company, the role, responsibilities, goals and key challenges of the position as well as the experience, qualifications and competencies required for success.

• Determine the client priorities that will shape the search process.

2. Determine Search Strategy

• Conduct targeted research into companies and sectors to find those with relevant skill-sets and qualifications, supplementing our extensive knowledge of and relationships with middle to senior level managers and executives across industries and functions.

• Develop a list of candidates best qualified for the role, with the goal of providing real opinions for client consideration.

• Talk with third-party contacts to identify and qualify prospects; that align to our approach, this preliminary referencing work makes for more productive long-list discussions.

3. Attract And Evaluate Candidates

• Approach potential candidates to test their sincere interest in the specific role, drawing on our insights about candidates interests and aspirations to persuade strong prospects to consider new opportunities. Our reputation and experience is attracting top candidates who normally are not looking to make a change. We develop an in depth dialog and ultimately begin to get those candidate we deem a "perfect fit" into the interview process.

• Conduct rigorous competency-based interviews with candidates based on the proven skills, knowledge, abilities and aptitudes outlined in the position specification.

• Develop a short list of candidates with the qualifications and interest in the position.

4. Present Most Qualified Candidates For Client Interviews

• Present the most qualified candidates based on numerous in depth phone conversations, analysis and appraisal of that candidate against the Job Description and specification.

• Drawing on informal external views on each candidate to confirm and enhance our knowledge of the candidates achievements and track record of success and accomplishments. Provide meaningful insight into past performance and reputation.

• Perform in-depth capabilities, assessment and evaluation methodology in high-stakes finalist selections.

5. Search Wrap Up

• After the client has selected its preferred candidate, conduct thorough reference checks to further assess competencies, strengths and weaknesses, and to provide external views of the candidate being selected.

• Assist in negotiations over compensation and other terms to help finalize their search and faciilitate a smooth stage in the acceptance of the position being offered by the client.

• Communicate regularly with the client and placement during the transition.

• Conduct client satisfaction survey to improve service and refine approach.

• Periodically follow up with client and candidate once search is completed, checking in on the placement's fit with the organization and the progress of the transition.